Novel Credentials

In the early Seventies, I lived a dusk to dawn existence in David Hockney’s basement in Powis Terrace, Notting Hill Gate. The tabloids described it as the filthiest street in Gt Britain due to the rubbish collection strike. I was oblivious. I was hanging out in the best nightclub in town secretly taking notes about the iconoclastic inhabitants for my work-in-progress novel titled Frantic.

Frantic Cover-Kindle A 2

I had just returned from an extended holiday in San Francisco where I had witnessed an innovative theatre group called The Cockettes at the Palace Theatre. They were so inspirational, the book’s San Francisco segment was loosely based on them.

I compulsively re-wrote fresh drafts of the novel over the next decades until finally a Swedish publisher called Curt Eiworth, the CEO of Eiworth Publishing took pity on me and published the book. In 2010, the novel was reissued with a new cover by Celia Birtwell.


Eiworth Publishing also published Crushed my Young Adult novel, which I wrote after I had finally finished Frantic. Crushed only took me a few months to write. After I finished Curt wanted me to ask one of my artist friends to illustrate the book. As I didn’t want to share my royalties I persuaded Curt to let me do the drawings myself.

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